It Makes you Dance in Your Seat AKA Progo Pushes Pintsize

Another excellent #OO show. We beta tested our new vote bot Pintsize, you can check the results at good work Progo. A big thanks to Captain SaltyHash for his .22222 btc donation for another producer credit. As always excellent album art from MartinJJ.

Album Art

It Makes You Dance In Your Seat




The Random Show notes continue

i guarentee it is
#OO Show for November 8th
progo pushed pintsize, Pintsize pushed well. However, Doug got jealous.
Someone put a voting bot in the chat room.
A lot of people are naked. That is a good thing.
[01:36] <WickedSlave> Mm. “hey, I won’t bite. This time.”
We need a !meh raiting
[02:25] <teighnted> Genoa Italian (goat cheese, pepperoni, olives) and pesto shrimp
mmm pizza
[03:00] <PG_Kelly> teighnten,  Can I see you asshole-o-meter?
[03:02] <teighnted> no, no. i’ m just trying to find a picture of a big puckered asshole to send you 😛
The audio live stream needs monies: Please DONATE!!!)*(


Thank You I find having the tracks ahead of time makes it much easier to post the show
If the bot is able to list tracks in the chat, it should be able to build a list of played tracks also on the website for you to pick up? Personally I am not a fan of all the voting verbose as it usually disrupts all the chat and listing tracks was the first goal of the bot.
<na_nutzo> If the EU was smart, they would make this their theme song. in regards to Requium for a fish

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