20LB Sounds Dan Interview

Another excellent #OO show featuring Dan Lynch aka MethodDan of 20LB Sounds and Rathole Radio. The interview takes its normal unprepared meander that they usually do.  Make sure to check out their new release on bandcamp.

A big thanks to all those who make the show possible. I often forget to give credit to MrOil and Voidzero for everything they do, thank you gentlemen. MartinJJ for always making sure each show has  beautiful album art, Amsterdammack for putting together show notes. Although he had an epic PC fail and that is why the notes are missing their pretty pictures to go along with them. Thanks to Doug for arranging the interview. Finally thanks to the producer of last nights show Captain SaltyHash for his 2 ltc donation.  Everyone else thanks for listening.

20LB Sounds Dan Interview

Ha! feels good 😀



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