Vuzh Artist Reider On Unique Cassette

An excellent #OO show featuring C.Reider of Vuhzmusic and We talk about the 90’s cassette underground and getting things in the mail. An excellent time was had by all. I also recap my blast of a time at the T Bird show the night before. A big thanks to our producers MajorDowner who showed up with Pizza and Beer, …

Looking forward to the evening

Any evening were I get to see T Bird and the Breaks makes for a great evening. Now off to Proud Larry’s in Oxford to catch the show! T Bird Is Good For You by T Bird

Recorded with Solar Power

Actually I wanted to promote the remix album of Miles Bonny, but today I received an email announcing a new release. Greetings Amsterdammack, MILES BONNY just released SOLAR FOLK FUNK BASS MEDITATIONS, check it out here. Enjoy!  So I took it as a sign to put both of his July releases in today’s post. I was especially happy with the fact that he is …

8-bit lagerfeuer

A revisit to the past a band that disappeared long before their time. Pornophonique, a great 8 it band from Germany who consisted of 2 guys, a guitar, and a modded gameboy. They were one of the first Creative Commons bands that blew my mind. They start the musical journey out with a tale of a Sad Robot and end …

Your support is needed!

They brought us good music in the past and they want to continue to do so in the future. They positively answered the question if they will stick with the Creative Commons license, they are known for cool rock music and they come from Canada. Good reasons to send some money and support them financing their coming new album. At …

I Feel Fantastic!

Got some cool news from the last couple weeks. I wanted to take a minute to share that I got my goodies from The Toothaches kickstarter and I will premier the cover they made for us this Friday. But in the mean time check out their new album!!! HEADACHES by The Toothaches

Longues Plages #1 by Matthew Tyas

Fresh from the twitter stream! I just listened to the first song and I already love this album. I added it to my wishlist and I am pretty sure I spend some money for it. Ahh the live of a stoner dreaming of the sea side… Longues Plages #1 by Matthew Tyas

New release from the The Easton Ellises

It seems to be a Jamendo World Premiere! Yes Ryno they are competing with you! Here is what they have to say: Our Canadian dance-rock heroes are already back to blow your mind with an exclusive release, only on Jamendo! With 80’s synths, soaring guitars and anthemic choruses, those guys are here to make you dance until you collapse!

Lost & Tossed +2

Felt like adding some more. I just recently discovered the band “The Gunshy” They have quickly become a favorite of mine. And they just released a new ep. I highly recommend checking it out. They do an excellent job of tickling that folk punk rock itch. Enjoy! Lost & Tossed +2 by The Gunshy