Archive for July, 2014

24 Jul

Looking forward to the evening

Any evening were I get to see T Bird and the Breaks makes for a great evening. Now off to [&hellip

22 Jul

Recorded with Solar Power

Actually I wanted to promote the remix album of Miles Bonny, but today I received an email announcing a new [&hellip

21 Jul

8-bit lagerfeuer

A revisit to the past a band that disappeared long before their time. Pornophonique, a great 8 it band from [&hellip

20 Jul

Your support is needed!

They brought us good music in the past and they want to continue to do so in the future. They [&hellip

19 Jul

FUBAR Streams & Gurdonark Weirdbient

Let’s just say the show had a major fubar to kick things off . Long story short there was a [&hellip

16 Jul

I Feel Fantastic!

Got some cool news from the last couple weeks. I wanted to take a minute to share that I got [&hellip

16 Jul

Longues Plages #1 by Matthew Tyas

Fresh from the twitter stream! I just listened to the first song and I already love this album. I added [&hellip

15 Jul

New release from the The Easton Ellises

It seems to be a Jamendo World Premiere! Yes Ryno they are competing with you! Here is what they have to say: [&hellip

14 Jul

Lost & Tossed +2

Felt like adding some more. I just recently discovered the band “The Gunshy” They have quickly become a favorite of [&hellip

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