Crap Baskets

OO Show Top 10

Enjoy your latest top ten countdown for the #OO Stream. I am still tweaking the voting results but think we finish with an awesome show.

A link to the charts

10. Professor Kliq – The Most Beautiful Day (2013) by-nc-sa


9. PeerGynt Lobogris – Wine & Blood by-nc-sa

Wine & Blood

8. Louis Lingg and the Bombs – Bring It On by-nc-sa

Bring it On

7. Pray For Brain – Drop The Needle by-nc

6. You Me Tree – The River (Live in Studio 1) by-nc-sa

You Me Tree

5. The Blue Stones – Rolling with the Punches by-nc-sa

4. Big Shoals – Devil O’ Devil by-nc-sa

Big Shoals

3. Rob Warren – Italy by-nc-sa

2. You Me Tree – Run by-nc-sa

You me Tree stage

1. We Are FM – No Words (Director’s Cut) by-nc-sa


3 thoughts on “Crap Baskets

  1. I think it’s time the world faced up to the fact that Professor Kliq is a god! The guy rocks!

    1. I have to agree with that

  2. I guess Rob will start saying bad things about me when he sells +10.000 copies and I present him my online promotion bill 😉

    Thing is that he was raised by very nice and intelligent parents and therefore he is also very polite. He would never abuse others by showing or talking about their weaknesses or secrets. Exactly what you expect from a true friend.

    I wished I would be like that…
    Thank you ROB!

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