I Want It Back


10. Texasradiofish – Cuts on Me (ft. Lollie, Loveshadow, Nickleus, Bruce McCosar, ElRon XChile)  by-nc 


9. Jonathan Coulton – Re: Your Brains by-nc


8. Biting Elbows – Dope Fiend Massacre by-nc-sa


7. Biting Elbows – One Night in ’99 by-nc-sa


6. Skankshot – Braineating Zombies from Area 51 by


5. The Dark Clan – Goals by-nc-nd



4 Jeris – Noble Savages (ft. NiGiD, Javolenus) by-nc

Ice Cream Cait from Bill Wadman on Vimeo.


3 Cletus Got Shot – Kentucky by-nc-sa



2 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra – The Killing Type by-nc-sa


Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra – The Killing Type (Uncensored) (Full HD) from Amanda Palmer on Vimeo.


1 Amanda Palmer & The grand Theft Orchestra – Want It Back by-nc-sa





I Hope you enjoyed the show.

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Show notes put together by Amsterdammack

Written by Ryno The Bearded.

Thanks to na_nutzo for producing this show with his .00600601 btc Donation

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