#OO Top 100 for 2014 Cassette 4

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Welcome to the 2014 Top 100 Countdown for the #OO stream! We tabulated and correlated over 5,000 votes on over 2,000 tracks and whittled it down to the best 100 Creative Commons tracks of the year and now present them for your listening pleasure. It worked out to be a great show and a great mix.

Thanks to our producers  for supporting the show. ViDouchebag came in with a $100, SaltyHash with a 5.102 ltc and Kristopher Walker aka GummyNerds.

Finally a big thanks to Amsterdammack who worked extremely hard to pull artist information together for the big show and build show notes.

Instead of giving you one giant 9 hour mp3, the choice was made to break the show up into segments.

26 MoreEats – Do You Really Wanna Go?by-nc-nd
25 Ukulele Clan Band – The further, the betterby-nc-sa
24 WeAreCastor – Eskimoby-nc-nd
23 Andrew Weathers Ensemble – Honest Woman Bluesby-nc-sa
22 PeerGynt Lobogris – Wine & Bloodby-nc-sa
21 Dazie Mae – Sofaby-nc-nd
20 The Maggie Whackers – Pim song macallanby-nc-nd
19 Oh Yeah, The Future – This Is the Shitby
18 Los Brodies – Al despertarby-nc-sa
17 Single Bullet Theory – Les Bonnes Chansonsby-nc-nd
16 Stuart Ross – The Beaver Parableby-sa
15 The Freak Fandango Orchestra – We’ll Save The Worldby-sa
14 Ben Walker – Turn It Off And Turn It On Again (Ballad of the I.T. Guy)by-nc-sa
13 Alex – Two Turntables And A Microphone-Unplugged (ft. KCentric)by-nc
12 Doctor Popular – lolCatsby-nc-sa
11 T Bird & the Breaks – Justineby-nc-nd
10 Ez A Divat – Deep In The Neitherlands (Sinko remix)by-nc-nd
9 Doctor Popular – Happy Valium Mealby-nc-sa
8 Vienna Ditto – Feeling Goodby
7 Ukulele Clan Band – The Sunby-nc
6 Garmisch – And Now We Stand Against The Wallby-nc-nd
5 You Me Tree – The River (Live in Studio 1)by-nc-nd
4 Pray For Brain – Drop The Needleby-nc
3 The Impossebulls – Subterranean Homesick Bluesby-nc-nd
2 The Freak Fandango Orchestra – Tornado Reynosoby-nc-nd
1 The ToothachesI Feel Fantasticby-nc

And remember life is better when we share

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