From Zabriskie Direct To Video

From Zabriskie Direct To VideoAnother excellent #OO show filled with juicy brand new tracks. Not a single one had been played on the #OO yet. That is quite impressive, now I just got to figure out a way to up it for Friday the 13th. We talk with Chris Zabriske about singing, why he doesn’t sing and why I shouldn’t sing.

Both of our Captains come in to produce the show, ViDouchebag with a $30 donation and SaltyHash with a 7.99 ltc donation. After meeting with the Captain we decided on a new giving level for the #OO show for a donation of $10 or more you become an official Seamen of the #OO. We felt it appropriate to keep with the nautical theme.

Album art by MartinJJ

Shownotes assembled by MartinJJ and Amsterdammack.

Thank you gentlemen.




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