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Welcome to the weekly #OO Top 10 show were we recap the top tracks of the week as decided by the voters of the #OO chat. You can take part by going to and voting for your favorite Creative Commons tracks.

We have tabulated and correlated all the votes and I now present you this weeks best tracks. Enjoy!

10. Chris Zabriskie – 01 – Direct to Video by

Chris was this weeks #OO guest a great guy with a pretty cool tattoo.

9. Shsk’h – Mood Indigo by-nc

Just make sure to go check out an intriguing website that will leave you playing with the circles.

Judy was on an #Unformatted a few weeks back. Check it out to learn more about the woman behind the voice.

8. Vita and the Woolf – MM Chka Mm by-sa

A great find by Amsterdammack who posted this album to the ccmusic subreddit the other week which I think the entireity of the #OO has fallen in love with her beautiful and enchanting voice. I am proud to see except some more from them later in the countdown.

7. We Are FM – My World by-nc-sa

A #OO favorite We Are FM hails from the Netherlands but it looks like we will not be getting anything new from them for while.

6. The Flying Blind – fire away by-nc-sa

According to 23 Seconds Netlabel

“The Flying Blind is an American band with a twist—the members all live in different cities, and work together mostly over the internet. Once or twice a year, they converge on a studio outside Chicago for a few weeks of high-octane debauchery and tracking.
In 2013 they released their self titled debut EP The Flying Blind.

Now we are proud to present the remixed version, made by John Purcell / Azoora.”

5. Paul and Storm – Soccer by-nc-sa

Yeah what can I say I really don’t like soccer.

4. The Impossebulls – Strictly Hiphop by-nc-nd

Not much else I can say about the Impossebulls, you can check out my interview with C-Doc here.

3. Vienna Ditto – Ugly by

Vienna Ditto is according to their twitter feed:

“a female fronted Voodoo Sci-Fi Blues band. And occasional, drunken DJs. We wuf wu.”

2. Garmisch – Native Son by-nc-nd

Garmisch an awesome band named for the city, but they hail from Sweden. You can find them on Blocsonic records.

1. Vita and the Woolf – Asha by-sa

According to their Facebook:

“Vita And The Woolf has one mission- create electronic soul pop that makes you move and moves you. As the brainchild of Jennifer Pague, the band’s name was so affectionately inspired by the love relationship between novelists Vita Sackville West and Virginia Woolf.

Passion-filled and vocal driven, Vita And The Woolf’s music is rich in harmonies. Many have compared Pague’s voice, wide-ranged and almost operatic, to that of Florence Welch. Pague has been writing songs under the Vita moniker for the past two years. Romantically tragic and adventurous, Pague’s lyrics are largely inspired by her European travels to Belgium and the Netherlands. The haunting vocal layering combined with an eclectic yet tasteful instrumentation produce a sound that reflects soul and powerful choral ballads.

Having released their critically acclaimed debut EP “Fang Song” on September 16th , and fresh off of CMJ, the band is gearing up for their Sophomore release, which is projected to drop September 2015. Meanwhile, they continue to build their reputation as Philly’s ‘next big thing’ as they head out to South By Southwest.”

I Hope you enjoyed the show.

Remember The content of this show is released on a cc-by license. The tracks contained within retain their original license, see the show notes for more information. To listen live come by Sunday nights at 9 p m on the #OO-stream (as of late I have started recording around 2 pm). You can find it at There are almost always people there ready to talk music or anything else you may enjoy. most of all remember to support the artists and musicians who make the show possible by releasing their music under a creative commons license. With out that, this show would not be possible.

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