Louis Lingg Bombing The Show

Louis Lingg Bombing The ShowAnother Excellent #OO show were Josh and Arno drop by from Louis Lingg and the Bombs to talk about the new album that is coming soon they promise.

mtnvortex with his $20 donation becomes our first seaman in our crew of 53. Captain SaltyHash comes in with an 8 ltc donation. Captain DViDouchebag also gets his producer credit because he is sending me his old 5s. A big thanks to this weeks producers our Captains and our very first seamen. The officers will have a full crew in no time.

Thanks to MartinJJ and Amsterdammack for making sure we have awesome show notes. They work together to make sure all the links and chat room noise is there.

Finally MartinJJ for putting together some awesome album art.

Anyways enjoy the show!





Chatroom Noise

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