Suddenly Seaman Everywhere

28 Mar 2015 by naryno, 3 Comments »

Suddenly Seamen EverywhereYour #OO for 3/27/2015 it was an excellent show as always. Captain ViDouchebag decided he needed some crew so he asked for a the chat to raise hands and he hired some crew. No guest this week.


  • ViDouchebag came in with $74 to give to make a total of 8 new seaman.
    • Seaman Silver
    • Seaman Fips
    • Seaman MartinJJ
    • Seaman Kraai
    • Seaman Progo
    • Seaman Phillip aka the one guy
    • Seamn Doug
    • Seaman Pintsize
  • SaltyHash gave 8 ltc to make Klaatu a seaman
  • Brettiquette came in with $11.11 to become a seaman
  • John Fletcher with $10.10

Welcome aboard to the new crew!

MartinJJ made awesome album art and did great work on today’s album artwork!


Chatroom noise

And remember life is better when we share

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  1. Amsterdammack says:

    Welcome new crew!

  2. MartinJJ’s artwork is killer!

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