Bearded One Across the Pond: An Udpate

27 Aug 2015 by naryno, No Comments »

Windmill in AlkmaarGreetings Everyone. I just wanted to stop and take a moment to give and update on the trip. I made, I have been having a blast. So far I have got to spend a night in Amsterdam with Marc aka Amsterdamack. Currently I am enjoying listening to No Agenda live with MartinJJ. Although I must say it is not in the morning here in Gitmo Nation Lowlands. Yesterday we explored Alkmaar where they are currently having a fair.

We did walk through the redlight district during the day. No, I did not ask about pricing for services. I was curious but thought it was not a wise way to spend my funds.

Today MartinJJ was great enough to take me on a tour of North Holland, were I learned about German tourists, EU license plates, dykes and roofing materials. We also made it all the way up to the North Sea but with the rainy day we decided it was not a good idea to go swimming.Ruined Church

We made a big loop that took us through the areas of Bergen were we saw the Ruined Church and walked around as they set up for the market. It was a beautiful old city. From there we drove through Bergen aan Zee. It was cold and wet. But beautiful nonetheless. I could see why it is a tourist destination I would love to hang out on the sea there for a few days. From there we drove up the coast to Egmond aan Zee and made it all the way way up to Camperduin were we played around on the dyke before heading back to town to enjoy No Agenda.Put your finger in the dyke.

Anyways I am having a blast on my adventure and look forward to the rest of it!

Oh and regards to the show it looks like we have a replacement for one of the bands putting us back up to 4 total for the evening. I am going to hold off on announcing that until we are a 100% confirmed. So remember if you happen to be in Amsterdam or anywhere near by on September 4th stop by and join us for a live night of the #OO!

And remember life is better when we share

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