Archive for September, 2014

28 Sep

My What a Cute Mustache.

The newest top 10 countdown. Enjoy. The most important link. The complete ratings and math. It covers only voted on [&hellip

23 Sep

His Moustach Makes My Beard Jealous

I hope he realizes how big of a compliment that is. Any I wanted to share with you the the [&hellip

21 Sep

That Show With The Host

Alright I decided to do something a little bit different Let me know what you think. Top ten vote getters [&hellip

10 Sep

New T Bird album coming in January!

It is no secret that T Bird and The Breaks is one of my favorite bands. So excuse me why [&hellip

8 Sep

I still don’t know the home of that reference

Tonight’s guest was Jason Sigal of, wfmu, and the Lame Drivers. Was a great interview, check it out. Wish [&hellip

5 Sep

Mere Exposure Effect

An excellent #Unformatted featuring Aaron Wolf of We discuss copyright, creative commons and low down dirty bastards. I could [&hellip

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