Archive for January, 2015

27 Jan

The Bearded Trophy

Tim and Sam of T Bird and the Breaks stop by to talk music, copyright and  their new album Harmonizm, [&hellip

25 Jan

I think I am giving him worry lines

Your weekly Top ten click more for spoilers. Some odd timing brought the end of this show to a slow [&hellip

19 Jan

Nothing I say before having coffee can be held against me

Show notes for Judy Pou  unformatted they are kind of empty. The interview was done on at Saturday at 7 [&hellip

17 Jan

Gods Gift To Your Mouth

Sorry for the delay getting posted but sometimes I do leave the house. Anyways on to an excellent #OO show [&hellip

11 Jan

Creative Commotion

Another excellent Top ten countdown. Brought to you by the voters of the #OO stream.  Help shape the countdown by [&hellip

4 Jan

Inside the Hidden Garden of Fools

Alright after the Top 100 countdown on Wednesday and the show of the hits I put together for the Friday [&hellip

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